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When your speech feels like a story, your audience takes action.

Story-Like Speeches To Move Your Audience

Giving a speech is a hard enough undertaking, but persuading your audience to think in a new way, donate their time or money or take action is an art. I write speeches that flow like stories because giving your audience the chance to act as a hero in their own adventure works. When your speech feels like a story, your audience takes action.

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How does it work?

Step one: Send me an email. I’ll respond super fast. Tell me about yourself and the project you are working on. What gets you the most excited? What is your goal? Are there any important details I should know about?

Step two: I’ll ask you another question or two and you’ll do the same to me. Then, I’ll quickly write you a treatment, or outline, for free.

Step three: If you like your treatment, I get to work. If you have some tweaks you’d like to see, I still get to work. Either way, we know each other at this point and I’m a workin’.

Step four: You get a fresh, organically grown, handpicked, flash-steamed speech sure to be remembered. Don’t worry, if it’s not quite right, re-writes are free.

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Frequently asked questions about doing business with Tyler Friend

What do you do?

I’m a writer. I specialize in writing persuasive speeches. I’m also good op-eds, policy research, marketing copy and branding strategy.

Who do you work with?

I work with speakers who need to persuade people to think differently, donate their time and money or take action somehow.

How long does the whole thing take?

About two weeks. Overnight and rush pricing are available. If you send me an email about your project, I can tell you how quickly I will get it done.

How much does it all cost?

About a buck a word and a small retainer fee. BUT! Ask me about the conservationist discount and reward program in an email.

How much experience do you have?

Lots! I got started writing sermons 15 years ago when I was a teenager. I actually won a couple national competitions for it (yes, they have contests for that sort of thing). In college, I was a production director for huge live events with speakers and bands and light shows and the whole thing (I know what works for a large, live audience). Then I worked on some movies (I’m a nut for storytelling). I helped a couple candidates run for public office and then decided to go get a master’s degree in rhetoric, the art of persuasion. Now, I help people get their message out in a convincing speech that feels like a story.

Will anyone know you wrote my speech for me?

No. Confidentiality is key. Believe it or not, I consider myself to be a part of the hospitality industry. The best way for me to serve you is to serve your audience. Your audience loves you already. It’s my job to keep that going.

What will happen if I don’t buy words from you?

Nothing. Nothing will change if we do not work together. But, if you want to reward your audience with something more, with a mission - if you want to take your speaking or your content or your brand to the next level, I know working with me will help. It’s about what could happen. The speech we create together could increase your revenue, your membership and your brand awareness. Oooooohhhhhh, I got myself all excited! Come on, send me an email, let’s change the world!

Okay, I like how this sounds. How do I get the ball rolling?

Email me. Please and thank you.

Have a speaking gig?

Get a free treatment

Allow me to take a whack at it. Tell me about your project and I’ll send you a plan for how I would tackle it - for free!

You’re not the hero

My writing philosophy

I know, harsh. But that’s my philosophy. You are not the hero of the story you are telling. Your audience is. You are their guide. It’s my job to give your audience something to grab onto. The best way for me to do that is to tell a story, make your audience the hero and take them on a journey. I know what you’re thinking. This is some Joseph Campbell stuff. You are right.

My voice


Big ideas said in a manner as to evoke an emotional response.


Big ideas said in a manner as to call your audience to a journey.


There’s nothing like telling people that you’re funny. It really makes you seem, you know, not funny. Watch this video.


Aaron Sorkin

“Oratory should raise the heart rate. It should blow doors off the place.” If you have not watched The West Wing, you really should. After all, you don’t want to temp the wrath of whatever, high atop the thing.

Anderson Design Group

If Anderson Design Group’s posters made sounds, I would want my speeches to sound like them.

Sandwich Video

Adam and his team tell the best stories in advertising and marketing today.


Yes, the font.

The Campfire

The campfire was the original coliseum. It was the gathering place for humanity’s first competition: storytelling.