Rock Speech

The American Dream requires American Grit. We don’t talk about that enough.

This speech has not been used, it is not real; it is an example of my abilities.

It feels like the American Dream has become the American Myth and it seems like too many Americans have to focus on hurriedly making it to the next day, making it to the next paycheck.

The economy is working for the most part, technology is amazing, medicine can work miracles and public health projects are extending life. Yet, most people are more unhappy and dissatisfied than they have been in a long time. Too many people are stressed out because their job can’t pay for their family home or for the education that they had to get. Too many people are anxious about their healthcare, their status or the safety of their loved ones. Too many Americans are down because our elected officials refuse to work together and our respected media experts won’t stop hacking our attention for ad dollars.

Most Americans want compromise. We want results. We want to do the hard work of making progress economically, socially and scientifically. We want community but we have been lied to and we have been divided and when America is divided, our manifest dream becomes a memory we can only try to make great again.

It is no one person or party that we must fight against. It is anything and anyone that would seek to divide America. That is our villain. If you are distraught enough to believe a billionaire who says that America is not great anymore, you should know that America cannot be made great with only one set of ideals. You should also know that America never stopped being great! America is great because of the promise of progress, not what has already happened. America is great because we strive to be better today than we were the day before. This is American grit and American grit cannot fail.

American grit is bearing the burden of your brother, your sister, the children to come. American grit is the responsibility of freedom and the consequence of bravery. The American Dream is the reward of American grit. That Dream is still alive and each person and every American who would serve this dream with the effort it is worthy of deserves a shot.

I’m talking about moments. Grit is defined by small moments of setting aside the self. We are owed nothing. It is our distinct, awe-inspiring-the-world-over privilege to answer the call of American exceptionalism. It is an exceptional honor to be called American. We owe the world better leadership, less silly rhetoric and answers to real problems we should not have today. We need to start here, though. We need to get our house in order. We need to work together.

If we work together, if we work hard, there is no wrong that we can’t right. There is no problem that we cannot solve. There is no debt we cannot pay off. I believe that Americans are more united than divided, more strong than weak, more inspired than worried. It is time for us to reject anyone who says otherwise.

My name is Dwayne The Rock Johnson and I am running for president of the UNITED States of America.

Tyler Friend