Jay for Storey County Commissioner

Storey County is experiencing tremendous change. These changes are good and exciting. But, despite these good and exciting changes, we are still burdened by the same old problems.

We face very real public safety issues. Because of poor radio coverage, our deputies, dispatch, first responders and residents have trouble communicating with one another.

Residents of all ages rely on our community and senior centers for a place to congregate. These centers are vital for programs directed toward our senior and computer access for our students. Yet the Virginia City Highlands go without even though we’ve heard talk of creating a center for those residents.

And with the economic growth we are seeing and the expansive land that Storey County encompasses, we have to advance our communication standards. Residents deserve to know what their elected officials are doing for them and those officials owe it to the residents to work with each other with more efficiency.

As your commissioner, I will work with County Management and the Sheriff’s Office to make sure that improvements to our radio coverage are part of the budget. A community center for the Highlands will be one of my top priorities because the benefits of one far outweigh any hurdles that are standing in the way. And I will seek to unify our county by establishing a uniformed system for addressing the needs of our flourishing communities.

It is time that we look to the future. We cannot be guided by the same old talk that we’ve heard before.

Vote for me, Jay Carmona, for Storey County Commissioner and you will get caring leadership, steadfast accountability and the results you deserve.

Thank you.

Tyler Friend